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The basic principle behind the „MULTI SERVICE BOARD NETWORK“ is that each system onboard will communicate and distribute their data through one network that is installed throughout the whole vessel.

The Multi Service Board Network (MSB) is an Ethernet IP network utilising fibreglass backbones. The network possesses the necessary redundancy to ensure the high degree of fail-safe operation and systems stability required for safety relevant systems. In order to adapt systems to the MSB, it is necessary to interface the electrical components to the optical network. To archieve this, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems developed a device, the “FIBRE OPTIC SUBSTATION” – FOS, that integerates all available function and services.
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Where's the difference
Standard Network Technology
• Many different network onboard ships
• Extensive length of cables
• Massive weights of copper wires
• High demand for installation space
• Time consuming installation
• High amount of error rates
• Maintenance of several single networks
• Increased risk of EMC interferences
• Limited network capacity

Multi Service Board Network
• One single optical fibre network
• Redundant and self monitoring network
• Including critical and non-critical system
• Economized maintenance
• Reduced setup time and installation effort
• Reduced weight and installation space
• FOS interfaces to all standard systems
• Comfortable bandwidth reserve and
100% coverage of vessel
• Ggroundbreaking new security systems
• Dramatically reduced total costs of
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